I’m Scott – founder of Ultimate Trivia.

We’re passionate about trivia, social engagement and fundraising by providing the very best resources for a highly successful trivia event for fun, team building or fundraising.

For many years I prepared and hosted trivia events at my workplace, at my children’s school, for birthday parties and for charity as social, team building and fundraising events. This has been my “PASSION PROJECT” and I consistently had people coming up to me during and after events encouraging me to take this up as my full time vocation. I guess my enthusiasm for making every event the best it could possibly be worked!

I’ve taken feedback over the course of a number of years to refine Ultimate Trivia’s packs to ensure you receive the very best product to ensure your guests attend a highly successful event. Some of the factors taken into account in the development of the resources are:

  • A selection of rounds that offer a good variety of topics, giving all players a chance to participate;
  • An appropriate mix of Easy, Medium and Difficult questions in each round;
  • Making sure each round was of similar difficulty as all other rounds;
  • A great variety in the nature of questions asked – from simply worded questions, visual identification questions, video and audio questions

I realised that not everyone has the time or passion to spend as much time & effort in preparing a trivia event, so I decided to present Ultimate Trivia to help people like you produce a high-quality event for your guests to remember for all the right reasons!

At Ultimate Trivia, we’ve got all the answers!